Notts Struggling on the Wings of Churn – Why we should be patient this season…

It’s not often I seek solace in the raspy tones of Sheryl Crow, but after one point from the opening two league games I am left hoping a change really does do you good.

Notts County prediction panel 2018-19

It’s the time of year where we make ourselves look stupid by trying to predict what’s going to happen at one of the country’s most unpredictable football clubs in one of Europe’s most unpredictable professional leagues. Dane Vincent, Rob Davies, Tom Nixey, Colin Sisson, Paul Smith, Lee McKenzie and Stuart Brothers step-up to the plate toContinue reading “Notts County prediction panel 2018-19”

The big GF League Two season preview – part one

Here we go again. Two and a half months since Notts trudged off the Newport County cornfield, pitch invaders barging past and smoke bombs drifting off into the sky, we’re back. No points have been awarded yet, but that’s not going to stop me from making an ill-advised and clumsy attempt at previewing this year’sContinue reading “The big GF League Two season preview – part one”

Notts County match ratings v Yeovil Town

Notts County continued the Meadow Lane unbeaten run under Kevin Nolan with a 0-0 draw against Yeovil Town. The visitors came for a point and stuck 10 men behind the ball for pretty much 90 minutes, leading to an unspectacular encounter. It was nice to head into the match with expectations of a win andContinue reading “Notts County match ratings v Yeovil Town”

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