Download the 2018/19 season bingo card (and get a Duffy dive loyalty card free…)

Some things are inevitable during a Notts County league campaign so we’ve put together a Bingo Card to help you tick off some key moments during 2018/19. The gamecard has been optimised for mobile users (we can’t afford the printing costs due to us haemorrhaging around £7.50 a month on website costs) meaning you’ll haveContinue reading “Download the 2018/19 season bingo card (and get a Duffy dive loyalty card free…)”

17/18 End of the season awards

View last season’s awards Another season (almost) over with. We can – and do – argue the merits of whether reaching the playoffs in isolation is a successful campaign, but one thing we can say for sure is how nice it is to have so many strong candidates in the Player of the Season category.Continue reading “17/18 End of the season awards”

Leave out the ‘look how far we’ve come’ spiel

I’m so sick of Notts being on the tele. Look what happens… We deserved absolutely nothing on Sunday, and quite honestly it’s hard to know what to say after a performance like that. I can’t remember the last time I felt so deflated after a game – it was that poor. Losing to a bottom-twoContinue reading “Leave out the ‘look how far we’ve come’ spiel”

Notts County match ratings v Exeter City

Notts County remained undefeated at home under Kevin Nolan after a brilliant 2-2 draw against the in-form Exeter City. Just weeks ago, this could have been a St Valentine’s Day massacre but the Magpies showed great determination to claim a fantastic and crucial point. Player ratings Adam Collin – 6- Will be disappointed with both goals. ClaimedContinue reading “Notts County match ratings v Exeter City”

Notts County match ratings v Cheltenham Town

For context, these ratings come from a fan who visits Meadow Lane far less frequently than most in the stands and, depressingly, it is not uncommon for me to visit only once or twice during any manager’s short-lived tenure. But since my last visit for the defeat at home to Cambridge United in late November,Continue reading “Notts County match ratings v Cheltenham Town”

Players Need One Dickens of a Lesson

Christmas is well and truly over. My recycling bin can vouch for that. But there’s one feature of the festive season that I wish I could force upon every member of the Notts playing staff: a copy of A Christmas Carol to read.

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