Can we stop playing MK Dons please?

And it was all going so well. Horrible place that, full of horrible memories and it was always likely to create another bad one given the contrasting form of Notts and MK Dons. But, actually, we deserved more this time. Although not completely dominant, overall Notts had been the better side. As well as being aContinue reading “Can we stop playing MK Dons please?”

Notts County prediction panel 2018-19

It’s the time of year where we make ourselves look stupid by trying to predict what’s going to happen at one of the country’s most unpredictable football clubs in one of Europe’s most unpredictable professional leagues. Dane Vincent, Rob Davies, Tom Nixey, Colin Sisson, Paul Smith, Lee McKenzie and Stuart Brothers step-up to the plate toContinue reading “Notts County prediction panel 2018-19”

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