Notts’ biggest question: guns or butter?

The macroeconomic concept of guns versus butter is meant to demonstrate the relationship between a nation’s investment in its defence versus civilian goods and, perhaps unsurprisingly, rises to prominence in moments of national crisis. William Jennings Bryson’s resignation speech before the First World War is the first recorded use of the idea, while Göring andContinue reading “Notts’ biggest question: guns or butter?”

Can we stop playing MK Dons please?

And it was all going so well. Horrible place that, full of horrible memories and it was always likely to create another bad one given the contrasting form of Notts and MK Dons. But, actually, we deserved more this time. Although not completely dominant, overall Notts had been the better side. As well as being aContinue reading “Can we stop playing MK Dons please?”

17/18 End of the season awards

View last season’s awards Another season (almost) over with. We can – and do – argue the merits of whether reaching the playoffs in isolation is a successful campaign, but one thing we can say for sure is how nice it is to have so many strong candidates in the Player of the Season category.Continue reading “17/18 End of the season awards”

Leave out the ‘look how far we’ve come’ spiel

I’m so sick of Notts being on the tele. Look what happens… We deserved absolutely nothing on Sunday, and quite honestly it’s hard to know what to say after a performance like that. I can’t remember the last time I felt so deflated after a game – it was that poor. Losing to a bottom-twoContinue reading “Leave out the ‘look how far we’ve come’ spiel”

Strikingly Similar Story

The unfortunate injury to Mason Bennett, prematurely ending a promising loan spell from Derby, has plunged Notts into the familiar position of scrabbling around for suitable strikers. With the ageing Stead and Ameobi struggling to meet the demands of two-game weeks the loan of Bennett, a player combining the intoxicating mix of both strength andContinue reading “Strikingly Similar Story”

Notts aren’t second on luck

Another game, another 3 points. It’s becoming a lovely habit isn’t it? Clearly positions don’t mean much at this stage but we’re 2nd in the league and probably still not playing anywhere near our full potential. Dare I suggest that we’ll still be there in May? Swindon, on the back of a fantastic result atContinue reading “Notts aren’t second on luck”

Dan stops us getting desperate about Morecambe

Firstly, can we just enjoy the fact that we have beaten Morecambe? Forget going into the top three for a minute, forget the unbeaten home record and the back-to-back clean sheets. All lovely things to open the Sunday papers for, of course, but I want to reflect a little more on bringing to an endContinue reading “Dan stops us getting desperate about Morecambe”

Same old brand new Notts

On Friday night, “Bloody hell, Notts” was trending again on Twitter as Kevin Nolan’s side threw away what seemed like a comfortable two-goal advantage. We did it last week; we’ve done it this week, and it’s safe to say we’ll probably do it a few more times this season. Six days prior, away at WycombeContinue reading “Same old brand new Notts”

Optimism restored after Iron battle

The defeat at Coventry really was awful, wasn’t it? Minimal creativity throughout, not one shot on target, and a defence that looked like they’d first met in the changing room half an hour before kick off, ultimately ensuing in another opening day defeat and a real kick in the teeth. For some, it wasn’t aContinue reading “Optimism restored after Iron battle”

Wow… That was shocking

Wow. That has been the buzzword of the season, right? Wow… wow that was shocking. Don’t get me wrong, Coventry could turn out to be the business and that Jones fella on the wing may be the real deal. But regardless, that’s a bad start to the season. How many teams have gone on toContinue reading “Wow… That was shocking”

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