From title favourites to non-league: 12 reasons Notts County’s season went so badly wrong – part two

Read part one here 2. A pointless pre-season Looking back, it seems incredible that Notts started as bookies favourites for the League Two title, given pre-season results had given such little room for optimism. Alan Hardy had made a big play on getting players through the door early – more on that unnecessary recruitment driveContinue reading “From title favourites to non-league: 12 reasons Notts County’s season went so badly wrong – part two”

Notts’ biggest question: guns or butter?

The macroeconomic concept of guns versus butter is meant to demonstrate the relationship between a nation’s investment in its defence versus civilian goods and, perhaps unsurprisingly, rises to prominence in moments of national crisis. William Jennings Bryson’s resignation speech before the First World War is the first recorded use of the idea, while Göring andContinue reading “Notts’ biggest question: guns or butter?”

How have we ended up here?!

That ‘performance’ against Oldham, if I can call it that, was nothing short of woeful. The best phrase to describe whatever it was to the wise souls who stayed at home would probably be Conference fodder. Or, alternatively, ‘Fullarton-esque’ would also fit the bill. For what it’s worth, those words frighten the life out ofContinue reading “How have we ended up here?!”

Can we stop playing MK Dons please?

And it was all going so well. Horrible place that, full of horrible memories and it was always likely to create another bad one given the contrasting form of Notts and MK Dons. But, actually, we deserved more this time. Although not completely dominant, overall Notts had been the better side. As well as being aContinue reading “Can we stop playing MK Dons please?”

All Notts Aren’t We. But Who Are We?

Identity is football’s currency. Everything from the badge, the shirt, the ground to the community it represents is valued and weighed against the opposition and used to measure each other’s worthiness.

New boss…but more misery at Meadow Lane

Three goals conceded yet again? Tick. Players giving a ten yard pass straight to the opposition time and again? Tick. Absolute shambles? Tick. Full house. As soon as the line-up came out at 2, the worrying started. I don’t want to blame Norm but it was so evident that there was no balance, why DennisContinue reading “New boss…but more misery at Meadow Lane”

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