Download the Great Escape Gamecard

Following an influx of new players on deadline day, Gerrit Forward has decided to jump on the renewed optimism with a new, updated game card. Fans may remember the original season bingo card, which is almost fully stamped, but to mark the beginning of 17 crucial encounters, we’ve decided to deliver a new-look design. ToContinue reading “Download the Great Escape Gamecard”

All Notts Aren’t We. But Who Are We?

Identity is football’s currency. Everything from the badge, the shirt, the ground to the community it represents is valued and weighed against the opposition and used to measure each other’s worthiness.

There’s a bomb under the table, look before it’s too late

English film director Sir Alfred Hitchcock was notorious for his explanation of the difference between surprise and suspense: A bomb explosion will surprise the audience, but a bomb planted under a table will keep them in suspense. Notts County very much fall into the latter bracket at present. The audience (fans) know there’s a realContinue reading “There’s a bomb under the table, look before it’s too late”

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