How have we ended up here?!

That ‘performance’ against Oldham, if I can call it that, was nothing short of woeful. The best phrase to describe whatever it was to the wise souls who stayed at home would probably be Conference fodder. Or, alternatively, ‘Fullarton-esque’ would also fit the bill.

For what it’s worth, those words frighten the life out of me, because it’s gradually becoming that little bit more real every passing fixture. Other than a Notts defender clearing the ball off the line, there was one common theme from both the weekend and last night: we thoroughly deserved to lose and could have had no complaints if we’d picked up zero points. Anyone that thinks otherwise either wasn’t there or used to play on the wing for Liverpool and Australia.

Being at Vale Park on Saturday or Meadow Lane on Tuesday evening felt like a dream, based on the fact that my version of events totally differed to Kewell’s comments in both post-match pressers. I either know a lot less about football than I first thought or he’s seeing a lot of things that I – and I’m pretty sure a huge number of other fans – really, really aren’t.

Kewell’s post-match comments were bizarre (again) and the choice of bench was almost embarrassing. Better players than some out on the pitch on Tuesday are nowhere to be seen.

Forget total football and playing the right way now: we need results and quickly, Harry. For the first time, I’m starting to wonder if he’ll even last the season.

It’s getting worse, and I’m getting worried. Promotion talk is long gone – laughable in fact – and January looks as if it’s going to be as important as two years ago in terms of saving our league status.

A year ago last Friday we’d just come back from 2 down to beat League 1 Bristol Rovers 4-2 and were sitting pretty comfortably in the top two with Ryan Yates marshalling everybody and a defence that could have kept out the Armada. How times change.

Is this honestly better than if we had kept Nolan? Are we making any sort of real progress? I know transitions take time, but this looks like we’ve gone or are going
backwards. I wanted Nolan gone, I must admit, but now I’m starting to wonder what if…

One thought on “How have we ended up here?!

  1. Nice article. Honest and true. Oldham was the worst performance I’ve seen since Macclesfield 0-5 in the John Parkin show.
    We need some of last year’s desire and quality.
    Fitz, tootle, Jones, Duffy, Brisley. Enzio, milsom, ?, Hawkridge, stead, kennings/allesandra


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